Saturday, 24 December 2016

Thank you!

Thank you to all the Ladies who have contributed Squares for our first Christmas Blanket! I am so grateful!......'Christmas Blooms!'  - Named by LT81 Thank You!

Wishing everyone a very
Happy Christmas and New Year!

Thank you all for your support during 2016 
and I will be accepting Sunshine Blankets and Shawls
from 1st March to 30th November 2017 once again.


May I also thank Alma this morning for making
and donating 6 Sunshine Blankets  to 
Abney Hall Care Home, Cheadle.
She very kindly took the Blankets in herself this morning and they were very well received.
How kind to do this on Christmas Eve!

Lots of smiling faces I'm sure!

Have a great time everyone!

x Sue x 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

14 Sunshine Blankets to Rothsay Grange, Andover.

Good afternoon,

I would like to thank Jan today for donating 14 Sunshine Blankets to a local Care Home to where she lives.  As you will be able to see her work is absolutely beautiful and I am honoured that she wanted to do this in our 'SIBOL' name. Jan must have spent many, many hours on these Blankets and as you will be able to see from the photos they truly are works of art!

14 Sunshine Blankets delivered to Rothsay Grange, Andover thank you.  Jan you're brilliant.

"I wrote to you at the start of the year to say that I wanted to make some SIBOL blankets to take to a local residential care home to give to the residents at Christmas.  I have crocheted fourteen blankets this year and took them to the Rothsay Grange care home in Andover this afternoon.  The residents were delighted with them and couldn't believe I wasn't charging the. for the blankets.

Names of the blankets from the collage photo I sent you starting at the top from L - R:

Jan's Garden
Emma's Legacy (named after my Great Aunt who taught me to crochet when I was 8 years old)
Lavender's Blue
Rippling Brook
Rainbow Delight
Kingsclere Harlequin
Ocean Blue
Crazy Kites
English Country Garden
Flowers In The Snow
Rose Garden
Fields of Gold
Summer Song

14 Sunshine Blankets delivered to Rothsay Grange, Andover thank you.

Stunning Blankets and some great names too Jan.

We now have some photos of the Residents receiving the Blankets.
This is especially nice as they gave permission to us using them.

I can see the Blankets are going to give a great deal of comfort to them.

14 Sunshine Blankets delivered to Rothsay Grange, Andover thank you.

I can't thank you enough Jan.

Next year I will be trying to encourage Ladies to do the same as I feel we need to get our Sunshine Blankets further afield.

We need Ladies like you Jan!

Thank you so much,

x Sue x 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tandy Court Care Home Delivery Day.

Good evening,

I'm very pleased to be telling you that yesterday I delivered 32 Sunshine Blankets to Tandy Court Care Home, Birmingham.  I think this will be the last of my deliveries for this year now. I would like to thank everyone who has donated Blankets and Shawls this year. Our work is always very much appreciated and the Staff of the Home would like me to thank you.

Delivery Day to Tandy Court Care Home, Birmingham.

Delivery Day to Tandy Court Care Home, Birmingham.

Delivery Day to Tandy Court Care Home, Birmingham.

Delivery Day to Tandy Court Care Home, Birmingham.

Each one of these Blankets is so....individual and I know that whoever receives them is certainly going to receive a great deal of comfort from them.

A big thank you to you all!

x Sue x

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Deliveries begin.....

Good afternoon,

I'm very pleased to be telling you that this afternoon I am donating
29 Crocheted Shawls to Lady Katherine Leveson Care Home, Temple Balsall  area.

These Shawls have been made beautifully for Residents and I'm sure
they will be very useful to them - wonderful  colours and great designs.

Thanks to everyone!

Shawls for Lady Katherine Leveson Care Home. Thanks everyone x

I would like to thank Gill today for making and donating 14 Shawls which she posted on to Ashmere Care Home, Nottingham. Michelle telephoned me to thank us saying how grateful she was for them.
Our donations certainly do make a difference in Care Homes up and down the country.

I'm sure you would like to see these beautiful designs. All made in wonderful colours which will certainly bring lots of smiles.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

Thank you Gill.

You've spent many long hours on these Shawls Gill. I just want you to know that Ashmere really appreciates them and so do I! Thank you very much indeed.

Well tomorrow is the last day I can accept Shawls and Blankets for this year. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed over the past months.

x Sue x

Monday, 28 November 2016

Just in time!

Good afternoon,

I would like to thank June very much indeed for the beautiful Granny Blankets received today.

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to make these beauties and I can assure you I will be taking these out very soon indeed to a local Care Home.

May I remind you I am not accepting anymore Sunshine Blankets or Shawls after this Wednesday so please hurry up and get them to me.

I cannot guarantee on delivering your work this year if they arrive after this date.

I shall start collecting again after March 1st 2017.
A big thank you to the Lady who sent these Blankets today.

x Sue x 

photo 5.JPG

1349 Round and Round the Garden!

1348 Colourful Grannies come out to play!

1347 Don't you just love Grannies!

1346 Round and Round.

x Sue x 

Monday, 21 November 2016

What's new?

Good afternoon,

Such a miserable day here in the UK today. I think we need some pretty Blankets to cheer us up.

First I would like to show you some made by Angela.

Thank you Angela

1344 Thank you Angela

1343 Thank you Angela

1342 Thank you Angela

Gorgeous Granny Blankets, a perfect size for Laps and beautiful colour combinations.
You're very kind Angela thank you so much.

This morning I received a Sunshine Blanket from Una.
This one is  called 'The Pink Shocker'.
I love the centre in this one Una and it's so bright and cheerful I know an older person is really going to admire this one.

Thank you so much for the Blanket and the useful Ribbons. Very much appreciated.

1345 The Pink Shocker made and donated by Una. Thank you.

Thank you Una

Thank you Una

Thank you both.

Please may I remind you my closing date is end of November for Shawls and Sunshine Blankets.
I cannot accept anymore after this date until March next year.

I have a box of Shawls upstairs which will be going to a local Home 
St. Katherines and two boxes of Sunshine Blankets which I will find a Home for.

They certainly add up and I'm always very grateful to you all.

Thank you

x Sue x 

Monday, 14 November 2016

Shawls from Norway.

Good afternoon,

It is always so nice when our Blankets and Shawls can get to other parts of the Country and not just the Birmingham area.  Kim has decided to donate to her local Hospice St. Lukes at Basildon. She has made a beautiful Sunshine Blanket and Shawl and she tells me she would like to make more in the future. Decorated with pretty Butterflies these two items are surely going to bring some smiles.


I am adding these in to our totals Kim thank you.

Next we have four pretty Shawls from Isrose in Norway.
It is so nice that Ladies in Europe take part in our project and I am always so grateful for your contributions Isrose. Thank you.
Such pretty designs and made beautifully.

Thank you Hilde (Norway).

Two Sunshine Blankets also.
One called 'Spring Crocus' and the other 'Easter Egg'.

It's so nice that you have named your Blankets but I'm afraid the quality of the photos is not good today. The day is quite dull, we've had rain today!

1340 Spring Crocus - Thank you Hilde.

1339 Easter Egg - Thank you Hilde.

Thank you Hilde.

Isrose was very happy that she managed to make these in time for my end of year deliveries.
I'm very grateful to her too!

So thank you both very much indeed.

x Sue X